Most aero tyre for Roval CL 50? (stock wheelset for new Venge)

Hi all,

Looking at getting a tubeless setup on my Roval CL50s and am wondering what the best option is for tyre width. I have run into a deep internet rabbit hole and have not come up with anything definitive.

I’d like to have the most aero set up on these, and would presume that 26s would be more aero. However, the wheel has an external rim width of 29.4, and according to the rule of 105%, those can support 28mm tyres and still be aero. My question is if the wheel can support the most aero profile sitting with 28mm tyres, why did Specialize not send them stock? Why were they sent stock with 26mm tyres?

Wondering if there is any literature around what tyre width these wheels have been optimized for, if 28mm tyres really can realize the same aero benefit as 26s.


I have the same wheels and the Specialized 26 Turbos measure around 28mm.


I have the same wheels and the same answer. The 26s are 28s on the rim.

Also, the Turbo Cotton is hands down the best tire I’ve ever ridden.


Cotton Turbos for life. Absolutely love them.


Same wheels running Spesh Turbo 26s. They come stock that way because as mentioned the 26s when on the rim measure ~28. If you look at them, you’ll see that the 26 mounted looks to be roughly the same width as the wheel which is what you want in terms of aero.

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Cotton turbos here too, based on grip, rolling resistance, feedback and longevity, all score 10/10.

If it’s not broken…

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Those wheels have been designed to work best with Specialized 26mm tyres.

Slightly off topic but how much of an aero penalty would be to fit 28s instead of standart 26s on my clx64s?

Next to none. But beware, they are very big once mounted on such a wide rim. They were too big for my Ultegra R8000 direct mount rim brakes.