Aero, carbon, tubeless, disc brake wheel set advice

I’ve got a cervelo s5, which I love, but I’m not a fan of the wheels that it came with - 62mm deep DT Swiss ARC 1450 discs. So, I’m starting to look for a new wheelset for when I can finally get outside on the bike.
On glass smooth roads on a still day the DT Swiss ARCs are super fast; but they are narrow - 17mm - so you feel every single imperfection in the road surface. They also really catch the wind even when it’s not blowing strong.
Most of the roads that I ride on (I’m based in Bath in the UK) are anything but smooth, bad weather and years of neglect having taken its toll on the surfaces, so I want a wheel set with a wider, more modern, profile and rim bed so that I can better run 28mm tubeless tyres.
So, does anyone have any advice or recommendations for a super aero disc brake wheelset, with a modern profile suitable for wider tyres, that is reasonably stable and predictable in the wind, and is tubeless compatible?

The new Enve wheels may be an option…think they are 21mm internal width and available in two different rim depths.

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I run TL 28s on my 3T C45s and they are comfy, fast and very stable in the wind. Just make sure you have the clearance for wide rim/tire combo.

There’s a thread on Enve 4.5 AR v 5.6 that might be of interest. Both might fit your criteria: Enve SES 4.5 AR vs 5.6

The new Enve Foundation 45 and 65 wheelsets look to offer a lot at that price point. They are “aero” optimized for 25c and also will work well with 28c tires. There are some limitations in terms of compatible tires but the 25c Conti TL 5000s are listed as compatible (not the 28c though).

The 4.5AR will cost a little more but are another good option and optimized for 28c tires. They can also be used for gravel applications, especially roads that are not super rough.

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I was surprised at just how much clearance the S5 has. It’s advertised as 28mm max, but I’ve run 28mm tyres (on shallower wider rims) that measure (using vernier callipers) just over 30mm and still had plenty of clearance.

Thanks. These look great and seem to be, relatively speaking, great value.
I’m not a particular fan of internal nipples with tubeless tyres though. It’s an arse having to remove the tyre and rim tape to true the wheel, and then as soon as you put the tyre back on and inflate it the wheel probably won’t be true anymore due to the pressure of the tyre. How much of an issue this is though is, I guess, dependent on how likely the wheels are to go out of true - some are a lot more susceptible to that than others.

I’ve got 5 sets of Enve’s, including 2 sets of AMs, 2 sets of M525 and a older set of road wheels and never had to true any of them, so it’s been a non-issue for me.


I just ordered the 65’s :slight_smile:


That’s about as solid a recommendation as one could wish to hear!

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Hunt. Aerodynamicist series. Wide, aero, light, tubeless, disc, and great value. Can’t recommend these wheels enough.

Another emphatic recommendation for Hunt. Really can’t fault them. I’m Bristol based so know what you mean about road conditions - my Hunts ride great all year round and look the business.

@Oblewis @nikjmartin I’ve got a couple of sets of hunt wheels - the 4 season gravel discs and carbon gravel discs- both of which have been brilliant. I guess one of the things putting me off of hunt is that the deepest rim they do for disc breaks is 54mm. If they did a rim that was a little deeper in their aerodynamicist range then I would have not qualms about going for them. I think from a purely aesthetic perspective I’d like something a little deeper (being a bit of a bike tart there I guess)

Same experience here two different ENVE sets…never had to true…

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Hi, i just recently got the same S5D. Just want to know which wheelset did you choose in the end? Thanks