Recommended tire width

I would like to know what tire width you would recommend for a wheelset with an inner width of 22mm and an outer width of 29mm??

I’m currently leaning more towards the 25C width…
Maybe one of you has Continental GP5000 S TR 25C or Vittoria Corsa 25C tires installed on the rims with an inner width of 22mm? What is the real width - measured?

The biggest tire your frame will take, unless you’re doing a hill climb.


Why not on a hill climb?

Are you asking why to use lighter equipment for an uphill race? Hehehe…

For aero you’d want 28mm

28mm actually measured tire or 28C x 700 tire dimensions ??

Because the Continental 28C x 700 is realistically about 31-32mm on that rim width

50mm. Go big or go home.


I’d go for 28 mm.

Deleted, cos it was wrong, lol.

You’ve got that backwards. Rim should be slightly wider than the tire

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Oh, could be, I was sort of distracted.

I’d still run 28s though, ahh.

@mirfd no enough information to answer! Ha!

Just from a technical perspective, a range of different tire sizes will work. Maybe even 23mm (I wouldn’t) but certainly 25mm up to 32mm are viable options. Even larger as your frame allows.

What do you want? If you are after performance, then the next question is: what’s the course like? If it’s a climb, then stick with the 25mm for two reasons…first, they weigh a lot less and that makes a difference when you are climbing…second, because the Rule of 105 matters but only at larger yaw angles. When you climb you ride slower & the slower you go the more your ride’s yaw angle distribution will tend toward double digit %.

If the course if flat, pick a 32mm tire. A 32mm tire at the correct inflation pressure is going to have superior rolling resistance and impedance that will outweigh any losses due to heavier tires or Rule of 105 air flow detachment. Plus, it’s going to give you additional ride comfort and flat protection.

If you just want comfort & durability slap some 35mm tires on there.


I’ve run the GP5000 S TR in a 32 on wheelsets with an internal/external widths of 18/23.5 and 25/31 (hookless) and they are great on both.

In general they are comfortable, fast, easy to setup with just a track pump and apparently durable and flat resistant (still haven’t flatted in 9mos).

and people on the California Coast Ride thought I was bonkers for running 38mm :rofl:

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I’d say 25mm if you’re going to be racing on good road surfaces. 28mm if you’re going to be racing on not so good road surface (they’re slightly less aero but will roll better so faster overall). If you’re not racing I’d go 30s or 32s. Or go with the mullet and have narrower tyre on front where you’ll get the aero gains, and wider on the back where comfort counts. On my non race bike I’m running 28F, 30R, for this reason.