Morton’s neuroma

I´ve just diagnosed myself with this, it´s a sharp pain between the 3rd and 4th toes in the ball of my right foot. I feel it when I´m walking. It´s not something you can just ignore!
I´ve been feeling the “rolled up sock” thing for some time, without pain. So it builds up slowly. I changed my bike and shoes early in the year, and I think it´s down to the narrow shoes. Very nice to look at. I´m going to have to get wider shoes and see how that goes.
Important to note that I don´t get the pain while riding, just when I walk. Shoes are NW brand and they are a half size too small.

Highly recommend this technique…as noted above, worked for me multiple times, almost immediate relief.

I switched to wider shoes and it helped but it was too late. I’m having surgery Wednesday 11/11/2020 for a neurectomy. Oddly enough the only time my foot isn’t in pain is in my cycling shoe. I have to wear shoes pretty much other than in bed or in the shower. I hope you caught yours early enough to prevent needing it removed.

Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I suffered for years before having mine removed and wish I had done it sooner.

I remember being in a boot for a bit, but back on the trainer really quick. I also clearly remember that I had some lingering pain for a while after the surgery and was concerned it might be permanent. It wasn’t as bad as the pain I had already been dealing with and it went away pretty quick. I don’t give it a second thought anymore except I will never wear a pair of shoes/boots ever again that are tight in the toe box. I’m 99% sure a slightly tight pair of boots caused my neuroma.

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Thank you for the well wishes and the information. I’m so ready to get it over with and like you, a tight pair of Giros (not their fault) and me trying to push through the pain (totally my fault) got me here.

It sounds like your surgery was a great success and I’m hoping for the same. Thank you again!

Best of luck tomorrow, Stringwise.

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Thank you for the well wishes.

I will update this thread from time to time with my progress as I know I won’t be the last person to deal with this.

Surgery check-in was at 5:30. Surgeon started about 10 minutes before scheduled time of 7 AM. General anesthesia was used but no intubation.

I woke up around 9 and was on my way home by 9:30. I got a little emotional in recovery (waking up alone no family allowed b/c covid which I get) because it was the first time my foot did not hurt in 8 months. I was coming off of anesthesia and numbed up from surgery but I didn’t care, my foot didn’t hurt, and it was such a relieving feeling.

So far I’ve taken 1,000mg of aspirin in outpatient discharge and that’s it.

I walked from the hospital door to my car for pickup (I didn’t drive don’t worry). By 12 I was bored and worked for a few hours remote with my foot elevated. I’ve been walking without crutches or a scooter but with the air cast/boot on and my pain is a 0/10. It had ranged between 3-9 for so long I forgot what 0 felt like.

The doctor said around 24-36 hours is when most people report significant pain post op so I’m not out of the woods.

Day 1/2 though so far so great.

I will continue to walk around the house in my boot and move my foot around to get circulation in there. Even if I am physically able I will not ride (or even try in any capacity) until the sutures are removed on day 10. My doc essentially demanded that I give it 2 weeks bare minimum and strongly prefers 3-4. My thinking was a light 20 minute spin with flats and tennis shoes at 100 watts (FTP 320) around day 14 might help with blood flow but it’s too early to really even talk about that so I will stop :grin:

The rest happens to be coincide with with a two week planned rest period built into my plan so mentally I’ve accepted that rest is good, needed and part of the bigger plan anyway.

Anyhoo, thank you again. I will update this again in a few days.


@Stringwise let us know how you’re doing post-op. Hope all well. This thread has been really useful for me in finally figuring out the debilitating forefoot numbness, pain and tingling I’ve experienced ever since I started cycling. I’ve not being formally diagnosed but have done all the diagnostic tests myself (e.g. pain and clicking when compressing the foot laterally) and think I have a neuroma in my right foot and maybe the preconditions for one in my left. In any case, I’ve treated myself according to the tips on this thread and other sites and am pleased to say that it has solved it, more or less completely. I splashed out on some new SWorks 7 road shoes as the increased stiffness does seem to distribute pressure much better, and these were a really good fit for my foot, but with a wider toe box. I bought a size bigger than usual and put some G8 insoles in with Level 3 arch support and taped some Pedag metatarsal pads (the teardrop ones, bought off Amazon) onto the inner sole. I then put a soft squishy sole on top for extra comfort (the kind you can buy in supermarkets) and … no pain, no numbness…so far I’m up to a 120km ride with absolute total comfort which is unbelievable. I also use “toe-separators” (individual little silicone or jelly rings that you slide onto each toe) and this helps keep the metatarsals spread. I’m going to see a podiatrist just to double check I’m on the right track but for now I’m so grateful for this thread! Hopefully these measures will mean I can stave off surgery until it’s really necessary. I think the real takeaway is for me to realise just how much pressure I had on the balls of my feet, whereas now the pressure is mostly spread throughout the mid foot thanks to the insoles and metatarsal pads - and it’s a stark difference.

Thank you for reminding me. Would pictures be TMI? Haha, honestly things are great. I will organize some thoughts and jot them down here this evening.

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Day 10 (AKA To-f’ing-DAY) was not fun.

Days 2-9 it was really a breeze and I thought this was the easiest surgery I’ve ever had. Pain topped out at a very mild level, very few pain pills were taken, I was looking forward to some easy spins to get the legs re-acclimated to the bike.

I’ve had no swelling at all to speak of but my foot turned pretty dark colored kind of like a bad ankle sprain.

I never took a day off of work but I’m a desk jockey.

Day 8 I noticed some bleeding through the post-surgical gauze. Weird since I never noticed that before so I had to presume it was fresh. Given the amount I opted to swap out the bandages and I used sterile everything. No pain or swelling and the range of motion was coming back some understanding I have stitches so only so much movement is allowed. Morning of Day 8 I was sure a week or so I could probably get a little easy trainer ride in if this path continued for another 8 days.

Day 9 went in for a post-op follow-up. It appeared a small infection was forming on one end of the incision when the bandages were removed. Hard to say why as I always showered with a waterproof boot and have been staying at and working from home. No shopping or walking around outside or much of anything but something found it’s way to the area. Dr wasn’t too worried about it but added a little anti-biotic to my daily dose. First time I’ve been on them for any reason in a long-time so I thought it was a good a time as any.

Day 10. Oh, Day 10. Woke up in more pain than any previous point post-surgery. I would call it a 4. Had a very long day where I was at my desk working on a project all day. When I got up to call it a day around 6, it was clear something was wrong. Lots of pain and no ability to walk with the post-op boot. I’m guess this is from the bad bugs in the area. Super painful. We cyclists can take some pain. Hell I laugh when things hurt sometimes. I’m the kind of idiot that does V02 intervals and asks, “Is that all you got?” Not this time. Full on 8/9 out of 10 through the pain meds. Real pain with no relief. Called the Doc and he said we needed another day to let the antibiotics kick in. I would add a picture but it honestly looks so bad no one would ever choose to do this! Day 7 my foot was trending towards looking normal again. Not day 10. I am sure that without this setback this would have been about the easiest surgery I’ve done.

I’m hoping the antibiotics take care of this and I’m back to letting things heal. Right now, not my favorite feeling or decision.

I will report back as this progresses :weary:

This too shall pass…

Schitt…sorry about the setback. Hope it clears up quickly!

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Yikes, sorry to hear about the infection. Fingers crossed the antibiotics kick in soon.

I actually had to take a trip to the ER. A bit of a long story. It will be fine but this will be a good story for others that are considering their options moving forward. I’m a little out of it but I will recap to memorialize for future readers here in a few days. I am fine but appreciate folks checking in.