Moriah Wilson Killed

Cruel fukn world we live in. She was in town for Gravel Locos this weekend and had recently won the BWR. Condolences to her family.

What a Horrific tragedy. So sad.


Horrific……unfortunately a word used all too often these days.

Peace to her friends and family.


I was listening to Payson McElveen interview her just this morning, and was really excited to see what this new talent could accomplish. So awful, right as she was beginning an amazing chapter in her life. Condolences to her family.


Awful news

I had listened to this payson mcelveen’s podcast just the other day, too and was also very excited about following Mo Wilson’s races this year, especially the lifetime grand prix. Terrible. Heartbreaking.

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Man life is precious another great soul taken too soon, sending prayers for her family and friends.

They’re calling it a homicide, :pensive:

They did a neutral rollout and moment of silence for her. Terrible news.


Maybe I had hoped it was random? This is a disturbing excerpt from the article.

‘APD says that the investigation shows someone shot her inside the home and detectives have identified a person of interest.

There is no reason to suspect any threats to the public, and the shooting does not appear to be a random act, says APD.’

My thoughts also, hopefully her family can get some closure.

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It is starting to seem like an domestic violence incident……obviously no one has said anything like that, but pulling together what bits of evidence there are, it seems to fit.


Sad news.

I have not listened yet, but found this posted today:

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Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death for women. This prompts a lot of questions. Who did it. Did the friend know about the risk? Was it someone who occasionally stayed with her over reacting to a ‘home invasion’? Aside from cops, who shoots first and asks questions later. Was it someone after her bike?

My god, I have tears in my eyes looking at a Ghost Bike. The thought that an innocent woman was assassinated is just so third world. Wow…

EDIT: As we learn more, we will hopefully be able to figure out what happened.

This is a tragedy for everyone that knew her, and the sport. Wow…

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Side note: from various media posts, I believe she was dating Alan Lim.

This is all just so terrible. I hope they get the suspect quickly.


Austin police issue arrest warrant in Moriah Wilson murder case.
Kaitlin Armstrong, partner of Colin Strickland, named in first-degree murder charge.

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Holy schitt…

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Wow That’s crazy! I can only speculate what happened but damn. Colin Strickland deleted the mobile wheelhouse Instagram page too.
At least they have the suspect in custody.

Based on this article, I don’t think she is in custody yet, just that they have issued an arrest warrant for her.