New Yorker Article Covering Mo Wilson/Gravel Racing Scene

Nicely done article, IMO. Very surreal to read about “the spirit of gravel” in the New Yorker.

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Most shocking thing in this article was Chris Tolley being interviewed at length lol

EDIT: Not that this story is a joking matter. Insanely sad situation.

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While not a flattering article at all about Colin Strickland, it’s an interesting read about an unspeakable tragedy. However, I do think it’s unfair to color all privateers with the same brush (I.e. narcissistic, manipulative self-promoters).

One of the funniest items in the article is the part that says (I’m paraphrasing): Gravel racing is a financially viable model because it doesn’t rely on sponsors, but instead the entry fees of a bunch of people who are destined to lose … like me :joy: