More S-Works Shenanigans - New Pathfinders

what is the width at the furthest knobs on the 42s? any chance you measured the flat tread width

Where are people finding the Pathfinder Pro 47cx700? I didn’t see it listed on the Specialized website…only 47cx650b.

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My question too

Excel Sports has them in stock….each one of you who buys one owes me a beer as a Finder’s Fee. :crazy_face:


Dylan Johnson bought most of the inventory in the country no joke lol

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Have you had a chance to mount them? There is picture of a set mounted up on WW and they only measured 45mm. My Sworks pathfinder measure 44+ on 25mm.


Anyone know how much the 700x42mm (non S-Works) measure out to on ~24mm internal rims? I had a set of the 38mm for a very short time and they actually measured true to size on 24mm internal rims. I’m hoping the 42mm also measure true to size on these same rims.

Haven’t mounted them yet. Or measured the casing width. Still snow on the ground here and not yet gravel season!

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