More S-Works Shenanigans - New Pathfinders

Super secret tires to be released


Ohhhh, looks nice!

I hope that they do a tan wall version for the 650b model. Its available in the US but not in Europe :frowning:

From my understanding they are to release lighter versions and wider versions!


Awesome, the weight is like the only complaint that I have… My favourite tire of all time for gravel and all round riding!


Just bought the old ones… :weary:
Considering the current state of parts availability, I will probably need new tires by the time I got these.


Lbs said they will be released in new sizes (including a sub 35 size), but no official date yet.


IMO a sub 400 gram (something like 380g) 700 x 35 would be perfect for gravel racing. This is assuming you are riding a modern wide rim.

Really depends on Surface. All gravel events I have taken part in were either too muddy, too sandy or had too coarse gravel for a 35 to be perfectly rideable.
Don’t see myself going below sub 40.


And where i live, i would love some 45s. Our gravel is sketchy and long hills.


Michigan gravel is perfect for that size unless it rains a lot. My 35 vittoria’s on a 32mm OD rim blow out to 38.5.

I wonder if specialized makes a 35 it will actually be a 38 and blow out to 40 on a very wide rim. That’s my hope.

they currently make a 38 that effectively is 40 or a tiny more on wider rims

Every race I have done in Michigan the fast guys have ran 32s

I just measured (at a shop) a Pathfinder 38 at 38.95 on a 25mm internal width rim.

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I guess mine stretched out? As im bigger than that on 25 mm rims

Did this exist before? I legit don‘t know.

Yea that is the 38mm tubeless version that they have had.

It says 32c though.

Oh wow I missed that, I’ve not seen a 32 and that’s something I’d be interested in!!

After it now has been released, I got BRR to accept it for voting. If you are interested in seeing how much faster this is than the Pro version, consider a vote!

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Thats a really good weight for that tire!

I am sad to see it only in a 42 though, I still run 35 or 38.