Bibs made specifically for indoor training

I have no affiliation with Velocio or Bicycling magazine – just thought this was interesting.

expensive shorts


I hope journalists keep writing articles about how terrible indoor training is so more people don’t figure out the secret that training indoors makes you faster :grinning:


I looked at those yesterday, Big pad, basically mesh. You could do the same with a liner from MTB shorts, some companies even have bibs that are made to go under shells. When modesty isnt an issue you can do pretty well. They run like 59.00…

The big red S ones are more expensive obviously, but they are rather versatile, especially if you ride an MTB.


At the S Site

More expensive than a pair of Assos outlet bibs that you could also wear outdoors!


I’m bumping this because there have been a few more entries to the market and I wondered if anyone thinks the concept is worthwhile at all?

Wahoo LeCol bibs

Castelli bibs

Doesnt fill me with a load of confidence that the Wahoo bibs think you need extra padding and the castelli bibs think you need less padding. Both recognize the benefits of cooling though.

I’m not sure about the extra/less padding argument. I think more padding is beneficial because you don’t shift your weight around as much as you would outside - but I suppose a smaller pad would be less likely to end up as a massive sweat sponge.

Some serious marketing BS imo.


I’ve recently shifted from my Castelli shorts (with the Progetto X2 pad, not their indoor ones), which I love and have done 300k rides on, to the Wahoo x Le Col shorts.

I’m sold. Completely.

Transformed my indoor ride experience. Went from semi regular ass blisters, and at least pretty sore, to near outdoor levels of comfort. They worked for me.


Anybody make a good indoor water bottle? Or perhaps an indoor helmet? :laughing:


See, I LOVE the Progetto X2, and sentences like this tempt me…
But then I’m like… Well I love the X2, so I think I’m just going to try and stay with ‘happy’ rather than chase ‘happier’ and end up possibly getting burned. They’re expensive bets with no return policies.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase…All items should be in ‘as new’ condition, both unwashed and unworn.
Got it, so as long as I’ve never tried them on, I can return them for any reason. F.


I can see a place for them in the future - riding indoors is different than riding outdoors and it makes sense that a different pad could be better.

But the price!? :upside_down_face:

You’ve not seen me on rollers :joy:


I’ve bought some :see_no_evil:

I had a £50 voucher from a past Strava challenge - I’ll see how they hold out on 2hr plus trainer rides and report back…


Chancers if you ask me trying to sell them at that price and as trainer specific.

I’ve decent quality Curore, Santini, Assos and Sportful bibs that all do a great job indoor and out.

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:crossed_fingers: Hope you find them as comfy as I have

Also, yeah, has anyone ever paid full price for Le Col? :wink:

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I’ll take more convincing of the merits of the indoor specific wahoo X let col jersey at £120 :thinking:

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I’ll take my tatty dhb base layer/string vest any day, perhaps I should take up vlogging and maybe then I could justify looking trendy on a trainer? :rofl:

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Zwift Team Ireland got specific indoor bibs as part of their last order with Spin 11 - a different pad from the normal. They weren’t as expensive as above. I didn’t go for them, but the initial reviews I saw were well received. Personally, I’d rather just buy good shorts.

I did go for the mesh vest they were doing (circa €30) - this is working well, as it’s a bit more appropriate than bare chested when the children are about, and I do find my air movers are a bit less harsh than they were on bare skin.

Personally I’ve got a mix of good bibs and budget bibs, because I commute to work via bike, and I always begrudge wearing my nice expensive bibs on the trainer when nobody can see them!

Which is why i and up wearing budget bibs on 2hr indoor rides when I really could do with a better pad…

I’m a bear chest indoor rider - the main reason I’ve never tried group workouts. Not sure if I think mesh would be better or worse?


Depends on the workout - I tend to wear good ones for hard workouts as it’s one less excuse for me. Zwifting in particular, where there’s more out of the saddle, I’d wear my cheaper/ older ones.

The mesh is better than bare chested, but still not exactly flattering! But I’m finding I’m getting the cooling from the fans without the full on force of air on my skin. At least in winter in my unheated pain cave.

So I did my first ride wearing my new indoor specific Le Col x Wahoo bibshorts…

I like them!

I’ve got high hopes for my next ramp test :wink:

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