Monthly billing statements (for the purpose of reimbursement)

Sorry if this has been covered before, but I did some searching on both Google and this forum and could not come up with anything.

My employer participates in a program where we are reimbursed for exercise program participation. Normally, I would just submit receipts and check-in records for my gym, but due to COVID-19 shutdowns, I’m paying but can’t check in. Now, there’s a category for virtual subscriptions, which they describe as “examples include Peloton and Beach Body on Demand. Proof of purchase and proof of participation for a minimum of 8 sessions is required to earn reimbursement.”

Hitting 8 workouts a quarter and exporting a record from TrainerRoad or Strava doesn’t sound difficult to do, but I can’t find a page (or statement emails) that shows your payment history to TrainerRoad. My company breaks it up in quarterly payments, so the month-to-month plan works best in that context for me.

Do you guys get monthly receipts, renewal, or statement emails? Am I completely missing the account page that shows the monthly payments?

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