Mont-Tremblant, QC gravel?

I’m headed up to Tremblant this weekend to watch my partner do the Ironman. I’ll be able to do quite a bit of riding myself while there and I’m debating between bringing my road bike and gravel bike. Is there gravel worth riding? I have road wheels I can put on my graveler, but if there isn’t gravel I can get on easily, I’d rather bring the dedicated roadie.

There is a gravel fondo in the Tremblant in spring, you can see the courses here : Gravel Fondo - Crossroads Tremblant

You can also get to the top of Tremblant (around 700m D+) on a dirt road.

Road biking is also worth it in the area!

You can hop on the petit train du Nord. Nice to get away from the cars and I ride it with my road bike all the time. This way you can do some road and some gravel -mit is a rail trail and the gravel is super tame. I use a giant propel or tcr with gp5000 25mm for reference.