Mixing some VO2 Max into Base to prep for Nordic season?

I’m contemplating mixing some VO2 Max workouts into SSB Mid, just to maintain those energy systems, to have them ready for ski season. I’m by no means a racer, fairly novice, but I find Nordic skiing (classic) to involve a lot of supra-threshold efforts mixed in with gliding or Z2 efforts. Maybe that just means I’m bad at it, but I digress… I realise cycling and skiing are not direct training for each other, but energy systems are energy systems to some extent, no? The heart is still doing the same thing too.
For some background, I seem to respond very well to VO2 Max workouts, especially short-shorts. This cycling season was a total mess for me, basically a write off, I only rode outside maybe 5 or 6 times. Many weeks I only managed 1 or 2 indoor sessions a week. This was down from a typical training volume of 8-12 hours a week. Because my bike time was so limited, I decided to just do intensity, lots of VO2 Max. It seemed to work as my overall fitness is at its lowest in years, but I somehow managed to pretty much maintain FTP, and even though W/KG are significantly down, have recently managed some PRs on gravel sections, though I’m slower on road rides. I think this says something about the punchy nature of gravel.
Anyway, I’m wondering if there would be value in adding a weekly Brasted or something similar to SSB Mid to maintain my VO2 gains and have them ready to fire when the snow flies? If so, what workout would be most logical to replace? I’m thinking the Tuesday or Thursday sweet spot?

I think it would be a good idea - no reason to avoid intensity in base building. I’d think you probably want to replace the Tues session so you do them when freshest, after the rest day. Remember though that the entire mix of your week will be shifted UP in overal intensity and fatigue, so you may wish to select a slightly easier alternative to the Thurs session to avoid making the overall week too much to recover from? Depends on a lot of other factors like your recovery ability, other life and work stress, age etc etc

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I swapped out my middle SweetSpot workout today with VO2. I plan to keep doing it. maybe not every week. The idea of doing another few 20 minute intervals of SS just wasn’t doing it for me.