Mills 1 year ago versus Mills today

December 2017 I was goofing off with TR just doing a mixture of workouts. Canceled in February when the weather improved. I also didn’t understand what structured training really meant.

Fast forward to today, nearly finished with SSB MV2 (now understanding structure). I completed Mills and felt great, even increased it 5% for the last set! I then saw in January 2018 I attempted Mills and failed mid-way through the second set at an FTP 30 watts lower than it was today. Wow.

Thank you TrainerRoad for making me awesome. I definitely will not be canceling this February :heart:


BOOM!!! :boom:

That’s an amazing improvement! If you have a second, would you mind posting this on our Reviews site? These are the exact types of testimonials that make us feel warm and happy inside. :blush:

Best of luck with your season!