Migraines Post Workout

I’ve never had a migraine, but occasionally after a really hard sprint workout or track race I get some symptoms that seem to match the description of an “ocular migraine” - sort of inverted tunnel vision where I can see, but not the thing I’m focusing on.

My extensive review of the bro-science literature led me to conclude that it could be blood sugar related (intense work uses a lot of carbs, brain likes carbs, etc). If I ever feel this sensation coming on now, I take a gel and/or sugary drink as soon as possible, and it seems to prevent it from getting too bad.


Maybe we can convince @ambermalika to put on her physiology detective hat again and do a deep dive on this one? :woman_scientist: :female_detective:

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Well, I blew my theory yesterday. I prehydrated with 500ml water and electrolytes, 2 weetabix and cocopops pre-ride, 2 bananas during ride and approx 1,500ml water during ride. 30km, 900m climbing, 3.5 hours MTB. And I had fuzzy eyes and headache for the rest of the day :frowning:

Maybe its low blood sugar as mentioned above :man_shrugging:t3:

Generally just water and some oatmeal or toast

I suffered bad from migraines as a kid (circa 25 years ago) that would at best cause me to vomit and at worst blackout. It all culminated with a period of epileptic fits. Then my eye sight started to fail and I began wearing glasses; it might be a coincidence but that seemed to stop things.

I occasionally get headaches now but thankfully no migraines and dehydration is usually the cause.

I’m going to take a different tactic here and suggest this may be exertion headache related to neck position. I got them when I used to squat, especially higher rep sets, if I looked up during the set. My gp explained something about this, but this http://www.apexllc.org/articles/exertion-headaches/ puts it well.

Could be totally off base, but worth a look.

I had such thing last week, it was so bad… Looking for some tips on how to make sure it never happens again. I have got some interesting medicine from this online pharmacy, and I will try it out now. What do you think about it, guys?

I’m very similar in that I get ocular migraines sometimes after more intense workouts/rides. It’s not just cycling but hard runs can trigger them as well. Only seem exercise related.

As others have said it does seem related to hydration/fuelling as I would notice them more if I’d had a boozy weekend and trained in a Monday or if I had not eaten/drank enough before or particularly after the ride i.e waited an hour for a main meal rather than having something straight after.

I think they have reduced somewhat since really focussing on the possible cause but still get them every now and again. Usually a couple of Aspirin as soon as I feel the symptoms and some carby/sugary food really reduces how bad they are and doesn’t stop me training the day after one which they used too.

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