Mid Volume Plans Changed?

So I was looking over the mid volume plans that I had on my calendar and noticed that there are some workouts I don’t remember, namely the overunders in SSBase MV and the sprint workouts in Short Power Build MV

Have these plans been altered since last fall winter? I don’t recall ever seeing them or doing them before.

AFAIK all plans are continuously tweaked using the data such as completion/failure rates from users. Plan Builder might have additional flexibility when it comes to choosing workouts, the assistant asks how experienced you are.

I have a screenshot from April 2019 and the current SSB-1 MV is the same now (October 2020).

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This is what I thought as well…

Fair enough, guess I just may have forgotten. Or perhaps had supplemented other rides for those specific workouts.

I do low volume but noticed one or two changes between sweet spot base this year and last year.

yeah, i just recently realized Mt. Field was replaced by Ebbetts -1 on the LV plan. Among several other changes I’ve noticed along the years. I’m sure they did it for a reason and generally don’t mind, but it does kind of throw me off a bit.

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yes, sometime between April 2019 and now.