mFTP vs bikeFTP 60 watts difference

So just starting back on the bike after a 2 yr hiatus. I have about 10wks of rides in system but the mFTP is ~60 watts above what I know it is on the bike. Because of this huge difference using the program to actually plan my workouts is impossible. Is there a way to temporarily adjust my mFTP to my bikeFTP or just get usable info from WK05??

You’ll need to be a bit more specific - which ‘system’ and what FTP figures are you referring to, i.e. where is your mFTP figure coming from? What is your bikeFTP and how are you measuring it?

Using WKO5, mFTP from hero bar. bikeFTP that I can manually adjust from FTP testing.

wko needs some max efforts over different durations in order to be accurate. Perhaps its worth performing some tests and then having another look at your mFTP.

I read a thread on the forums stating that 1-10min max efforts can effect the mFTP dramatically but the users had very little data in the WKO5 system. Me having 10wks of data I thought I would have overcome that statistical skew. I was off the bike for medical and have trouble still with the max efforts so will have to just use training peaks until I can get more reliable data from WKO5 I guess.

mFTP is your FTP based on WKO’s power profile model. bikeFTP is one you set manually. So I guess my question is, how do you “know” your FTP? What testing have you done?

You can’t manually set mFTP… it’s based on the data you feed it. If it truly is that far off, maybe you have bad power files in there?

It isn’t necessarily that you have bad values.

You need to set the model up and maintain it. You need to start with a week or ride of max efforts.

Get a 20 minute, 5 minute, 1 min and sprint max effort in. Then you’ll probably also need to do a longer 1 hour type ride. Then check your residuals and see if you need to test those ranges.

I do understand from your post that you have an mFTP value from WKO5. But where are you getting your set FTP value? It is strange to see that you have such a large discrepancy. I have maintained my WKO5 model and my sFTP and mFTP are within 5 watts.

When I do a 35-45 minute ftp test, my mFTP usually jumps up and is spot on. WKO uses the FTP that you give it so if your mFTP isn’t fully modeled, you don’t really have to worry about it.

I’ve actually been on a peak lately turning in my best performances and having an all time high eFTP on but my mFTP is 25-30 watts too low because I haven’t done a test in a while.

I recently set new PRs for 1hr to 3.5hrs so I have a low mFTP with a long TTE.

The modeled FTP is based on your power duration curve over the last 90 days. It’s garbage in garbage out, especially If any of the usual suspects falls out (roughly 5s, 1 min, 5 min, & 30-80 min @ MLSS but only Trainpeaks will know). If it’s been well feed and it’s still off, you are not alone but 60w is a lot. I use the PD curve to supplement and guide my testing and training, not to replace it.

Others have addressed the question, but how are you determining your bikeFTP? I think the “not feeding the model” and “efforts falling out” only makes sense if your mFTP is lower than what you think it should be. If it is that much higher, either your mFTP is pulled way up by skewed data (should be very apparent by looking at the curve) or your bikeFTP is set too low.

Can you post a screen shot of your PD curve with values for reference?