Metabolic Efficiency, Marking Riders, Sustained Power and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 314

I agree about highly trained individuals. I’m also part of a small 60+ Group Chat on Intervals, where I follow these cyclists and can see their Interval profiles stats. For 8 of the 12, they’re amazing beasts, each averaging weekly mileage in excess of 170 miles. Weekly TSS loads range from 600 to 800 range! If I get 100 miles a week, that’s a big week for me!

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You’d predict four laps if it’s ~24min laps I guess?

Frustrating live timing website. Might be better on desktop :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, seems the leader just finished #4.

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What a tease, giving us splits for the first two laps, then leaving us hanging for the second half.


Jon might have earned his “just a few seconds…” Nat’s podium miss (1st thru 5th) like good ol’ Chad… shoot! Looks like it would have been a smasher of a finish. Awesome work either way!!! :100:


Where did you get that cool chart data?

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I think I race against these guys in the Gold Coast Masters Cycling Club cries each week. I feel young unit we start pedaling :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That must have been a wicked race for 3rd less than 30s seperates

Well done @Jonathan :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Hope @Jonathan doing ok, on Instagram he seemed (understandably) really bummed at coming 6th and had some scary heart issues on short track (v sweet/emotional when talked about stopping mid race to kiss his son as scared, very poignant about what REALLY matters in life.:heart:)

Hope doing well and everyone in TR family so proud of your achievements.

One thing though…you crazy Americans…who else in world counts ‘podium’ as top 5. Podium is top 3 surely anywhere else in world!:joy:


MTB podium is top 5 to include the UCI World Cup.


:rofl::rofl: I like how they have a billion age group categories too. “Yes! I made the podium! I’m the 5th best Cat 3, 28 years, 7 months and 2 days rider in the country :sunglasses:

My son was watching :us: barrel racing ( :horse: ) on YouTube earlier.
One kid got to re-run their round after the horse was naughty. My wife remarked that that wouldn’t happen over here- the other pony club mums would lodge an appeal and have them DQ’d and banned from all pony club events for life :rofl::rofl:
Got to create those stiff upper lips somehow :uk: :uk:

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It’s on, which takes your Strava data and slices/dices in amazing ways. It’s free and run by one guy, who is really accessible. Check it out. If you like and use it, maybe consider supporting it. It’s worth it for me!

I don’t think they are really competitors with TR as they are just data analysis (also it’s not really “they” as I think it is basically a project by @davidtinker rather than a commercial product). TR has been asked about including those kind of metrics into the TR calendar/progress charts before and said they didn’t want to - much as I think it’d be great if they just bought Intervals and added it into the TR system :wink:

They’ve also referred directly to Intervals in some posts.

The reason I thought I would bring it up is because the Coggan charts seem to significantly exaggerate the sprint power compared to most people’s real experiences (as you’ve found yourself). And I am sure I read somewhere that Coggan never actually put the category labels on it; that’s been done subsequently - and as the TR guys pointed out the expectations for some of the cats are a bit unrealistic. It’s also completely arbitrary, whereas Intervals compares you against a group of your peers - although as noted there are not many peers in your age group and Intervals users in general are likely to be a bit more well trained than your average Strava user. I’m 33 so there is a much larger dataset of M under 40 and M 30-39 etc… Another reason why it would be super cool if TR merged in Intervals since it would expand the pool quite dramatically :smiley:

This is my Coggan Male:

Vs M 30-39 (5,745 athletes in group):

My sprint is obviously still rubbish but it’s not nearly as bad as the Coggan chart would suggest.

Mark Cavendish is 70 kilos; 22 w/kg for him would be 1,540 which is probably there or thereabouts at the end of a Tour stage, but doesn’t put him in the Hero category… I think you’d need to be a track sprinter to be at 25!

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@davidtinker is the man!

I like that it is so customisable. Great product.

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Tx guys and @bobmcstuff glad you enjoy the site. I have been doing a lot of refactoring to make it multisport and doing wellness integrations and so on. Hope to get back to adding more pure cycling stuff soon!