New Race Bike, Merida SCULTURA vs Gaint TCR

Hi Crew,

Looking for opinions on what would make a better race/training bike, i have narrowed down my options to a the following models.

# Merida SCULTURA 8000 Di2

Currently coming from the classic shape 2017 supersix evo, great bike.
What bike has the better geometry and of course street cred. :thinking:

12 points goes to Merida :slight_smile:

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Get the red one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice bikes. I think the Giant looks better but the Merida is still a stunner. I don’t think there is a lot of difference in how good the bikes are. Same groupset, and same level of wheels and such. Take a look at geometrygeeks and put in these two bikes and your current bike to get an overview of the geometry.

I’d pick the cheaper bike as long as the weight is somewhat on par. It’s still a super bike :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d get the Tcr, IF the wheels were not hook less rims only, the cockpit was one piece and internal cabling and they didn’t supply the awful power meter (I’ve had one!)

I’m in a similar boat and the Scultura is top of my list, but I wish the TCR was, because the one I demo’d a couple of years ago was beautiful, but merida seem to nailed the Scultura for this 2022 edition.

However Im not seeing any stock so probably resigned to waiting until 2023!!

This is the correct answer … except when the other one is yellow! :smiley:

But seriously, I think you should test ride both. Bikes have different personalities and characteristics. So even if one bike is better on paper than the other, perhaps you just prefer the other. Oh, and if you don’t care, availability is also a major concern.

Scultura all the way, why anyone would buy a race bike with exposed cables now is beyond me.

Flexibility re: fit / components and ease of maintenance are two of the biggest and understandable reasons.

I’m a pretty big aero geek and I have a near-zero interest in a bike with fully integrated cables.

Hi guys, i picked up the TCR only because they had it in stock. The Merida was a 6 month wait !

Thanks for your input

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