Merge activities

Can anyone tell me how the TR calendar handles multiple activity recordings from the same workout? I searched for explanation but didn’t find.

A negative example:
If I record a workout on my phone & on an edge bike computer Strava gets two workouts: I would not want TR to double count.

A positive example; if I record a swim (distance/gps/stroke rate) with a second device that does HR I would like data from both to be merged into 1 file.

I tried the first already: seems like TR took the electronic version ahead of the Garmin version, but maybe that is because it synchronised first…

Haven’t tried the second yet. I’ve done it manually before by merging fit files, but it’s a PITA & the free software GC can do it, but again PITA.


Oversimplified, but TR essentially looks at the start time and compares them between multiple files.

  • It may take the first one that it receives or
  • It may take the one with the earliest time stamp (since that would be the first one).
  • I don’t know what logic it uses. Maybe someone can share the specifics?

If there are two activities with just enough time between them (not sure on the time gap) it will load both of them as separate activities.

But in no case that I have seen will TR “merge” files. I don’t think there is an automatic way for the app to do that without some high level programming or some amount of user input. That type of operation will likely need to be done outside of TR.

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If you have data split across files that you want to merge (like your swim example), I’d use over GC.

Agree with @mcneese.chad I’ve never seen the same workout duplicated or merged together, only a single instance taken.

If you’re ever in any doubt or need help getting things to show how you want, reach out to and they will sort you out. I once had a situation where I did 2 TR workouts back-to-back and I wanted them to show as a single workout, rather than 2 separate ones and they helped me out no problem.

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Thanks Chad. There is a few minutes leeway as I forgot to start the Garmin for a few minutes and it still only used one. It’d be nice to know how long it is though. I imagine quite a lot of people forget to hit start.

As I mentioned in my post, I’ve done it manually before. The easiest way is to download the developer preview of Golden Cheetah, which synchronises with Strava. You can then copy and paste from one activity to the other as it has a spreadsheet tab. Then you can send the new one back up to Strava. Requires turning on computer, loading program, renaming activity, re-synchronising to Strava and deleting old activities in Strava. PITA. Having done it several times I have seen where user input is needed; it’s time synchronisation. If you assume the time synchronisation is identical on both recordings it is quite easy (or both devices have 1 same data field from the same device). With multiple devices time synchronising to the same watch this is okay, but I’ve used a device with a different time before. You end up visually moving the graphs back and forward so they match.

From memory Training Peaks have something called “Automerge”. Never used it though. No idea how it works. It’s not fully automatic anyway. I reckon your programmers could do it relatively easily if you assume the time in the 2 files is the same. Big if though.

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