Med Vol Polarized Plan With Bonus Endurance Rides

Brand new Trainerroad user here. I built my plan with Plan Builder but have a question about extra Zone 2 miles.

I currently have Mondays off with my high intensity days on Tuesday and Friday with my easy days on Wednesday and Thursday. I plan to do additional long easy 3-5 MTB rides on the weekends this fall and winter. I figured that gives me the flexibility during the week that if something comes up, I’m able to push the scheduled endurance rides to the weekend that I would be doing anyway and I can potentially shift the high intensity workouts if needed.

My question is, do I just do the unscheduled Zone 2 weekend rides on my own or do I find a Trainnow Endurance Ride similar in length to my planned ride and hit the outside button so Trainerroad knows I did the extra work or does that even matter?

Welcome to TrainerRoad! Stoked to have you join us and excited to hear about your progress!

That is a good question. If you plan on following the TrainNow Workout as prescribed, I suggest you use TrainNow to find an Outside Workout. This will ensure that the extra work is reflected in your Progression Levels, and thus considered in the adaptations to your Plan.

However, if you do not plan on following the Workout as prescribed, then I would not match a TrainerRoad Workout to an unstructured Workout. This is not the intended use.

Once Workout Levels version 2 is released, Adaptive Training will account for all unstructured Outside rides, so hang tight for this feature!

I hope this helps!

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