MAX TV cycling coverage on the West Coast of USA

Getting up at 4:00 AM to watch live racing coverage would ruin your training. Trying to watch a recorded version seems to require trying to get that started only within a few hours of the live race ending and after that it is gone for good. Searching is to no avail, it is gone, no matter what someone else on this topic might post. Typing in the exact wording for the event does not work with search. Max and B&R Sports need a better system of recording the rides and leaving them on their site for longer than a few hours. Peacock has far less coverage but at least West Coasters get what is promised. The chance for a competitor channel to come in is wide open.

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How are you accessing Max?

I see every recent cycling event I can recall being on Max available for replay. I’m looking on the Apple TV Max app. They appear both under “replays” on the BR sports tab and if I search the app overall for “cycling” if returns the past streams and shows the upcoming events.


Neither here nor there but I get up at nearly every day 4am and I don’t think it ruins my training.


Not sure if you figured this out but I had the same issue and I had Max via Prime. I checked with Max and the issue was with Prime, may be the same with other middle man providers, so I logged in via and then choose provide which was was prime and was then able to log in direct. Once logged in direct to Max when I went to BR Sports the replays were there.

Not sure what’s going here but I watch the XC MTB races on Max… They are all still avalible to watch on demand along with a load of other races.

I use the app on my phone and can see old races (maybe not all of them?). Then I just screen mirror to the Roku express I have hooked up to an old TV in the basement. I am actually getting into the cyclocross. Never followed that until just before the demise of GCN+,