Max power test Tacx Neo

I want to establish a baseline for my sprint power and i’m curious how one would go about doing that efficiently on a Neo2.

Do you guys use the Tacx app or simply put your trainer in a high gear and off you go?

You could use whatever app you want as long as you’re not in ERG mode.
Sprinting on the turbo is different to the road due to the way the trainer ramps up, so you may need some practice.
FWIW, I don’t recommend using the same sprinting technique you perform outside on the trainer. So, no swinging the bike from left to right.

If you’re in TR you can simply toggle to resistance mode during a workout. However, it’ll take a little trial and error to find a setting that allows you to max out.

I find once I have a good combo of gearing and resistance I can slowly turn the pedals. As soon as I’m at a good position in the pedal stroke, I start the sprint.

Pete and Nate did a good video on sprinting for the TR YouTube channel. Worth a watch.

And another vid.

Do it outside, I dont see how you can ever hit max power on a trainer. You can probably get close but that really big initial hit and the upper body/core component are not going to be the same