Matching Stryd power zones with RPE running zones of TR

Hi, I would like to know if is there any posibility to match the power zones of stryd with the RPE running zones that TR uses for the Triathlon plans.

Would be okey to say that “Easy” zone on stryd is rpe 2 and 4, “Moderate” zone rpe 6 and 7, “Threshold” rpe 8, “Interval” rpe 9 and “Repetition” zone rpe 10. Or would you order differently?
Also, any tip or something to know about running with stryd? I’m knew to Stryd

Thanks all!

I’m a Stryder, and yes, I think those zones are probably pretty good. I’d say when in doubt, err on the conservative side.

Stryd is good for road running in benign conditions. It starts to fall apart with headwinds and tailwinds where your power will read basically the same for a higher or lower actual and perceived effort respectively. I found it could vary by 10-15 watts based on my perceived efforts in a moderate wind.

In addition, Stryd power is more or less meaningless on soft surfaces (or more appropriately surfaces distinctly different from what you test on). For example, you probably conduct your test on the road or on the track, but if your race is in sand or on grass, your power could be inaccurate. Last season, my A race was a half IM with the run half on sand and half road. Stryd was worthless on soft sand, somewhat inaccurate on packed sand, and good on the road.

The bottom line is that running with power is nowhere near as developed or accurate as cycling with power, and its applications are limited. That said, it’s pretty good for the most common cases of road and track running, and hard pack trails. Just be aware of its limitations; like cycling, running with power should inform RPE and guide your running that way.

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