Masters Plan for a 49yr old

Hey all.

So I’m approaching the big 5-0 next year (can’t believe that for a start!) I was wondering if a masters plan would be good for me and when to switch to one? I’m currently returning from injuring my discs in my back and wondered if a masters plan is beneficial at my age? Cheers

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Depends how well you recover between hard days to complete those intervals. Usually more is more unless consistency wavers, then more becomes less :slight_smile:

I personally (49yo) can complete Sweetspot-centric General Base Plans but need to switch to Masters Build Plans for higher intensity.


To be honest I don´t think master plans have a direct correlation with age. More to do with the ability to recover and therefore the need for a master plan can come sooner or later.
If you have a history of having problems with recovery a master plan could be an excellent idea. But the recovery problems could be due to riding done beside the plan. Like social rides or smashing KOM´s every Wednesday.

So like everything else in cycling: it depends :wink:


As @svens and @Hhansen said, it depends primarily on your ability to recover between high-intensity sessions. If that’s been an issue that you’ve experienced before in training, then a Masters Plan could be a great choice for you!

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