Masters Cyclist Training Plans and TrainerRoad Product Updates! – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 448

How do I get out of the Masters plan?

I’m on a TT plan base phase and after accepting the Masters plan yesterday, it’s started me on Masters Base 2. However, If I follow the procedure to change plan type in Calendar view as outlined by TR it keeps defaulting back to Masters rather than General Base II?

Hey there – it sounds like you’ve run into a bug our team is working on fixing. If you’d prefer to have your plan switched over to General Base II rather than Masters Base II, please let me know and we can get that changed for you!

It looks like somewhere among the updates the ability to look at your original (or modified) plan is no longer able to be accessed at all. I totally agree that the workflow for getting to view the plan is cumbersome. It would be nice if after you created a custom plan it put it in one spot (In Career, or Training Plans) that way with one click you could view the overall plan that was created and see when the phases were and what the schedule was. Trying to do this on the current version of Calendar is a scrolling mess trying to find each phase start/end dates. Contacted on-line chat support and although very nice and helpful the agent told me that it looks like that feature (looking at your overall plan) was removed for athletes. Wish it was put back, since if you could find the original plan start date (or modified date) you could open that up and look at the entire plan. The FAQ’s and Support topics don’t cover any of this as you mentioned as well. The other forum topic hasn’t been updated since June of 2022 either.

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I think this is related:

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Yes it is related, but I shouldn’t have to contact customer service for a link every time I want to look at my entire plan…


Well, as noted that is a short term workaround, with plans to return the tool to use once they get it all fixed.

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