Mark Cavendish: Never Enough on Netflix

Everyone should watch this. This is what Tour de France: Unchained wanted to be. Incredible characters and drama. Cavendish came off incredibly vulnerable, human, and inspiring. You couldn’t have written a fictional hollywood comeback movie better than this movie. And it’s 92 minutes – perfect for watching during a recovery week ride.


I thought it was good too, but I don’t really see how you can compare one man’s biography to a show covering an entire TdF. Totally different material.

Side note: the Arnold doc is good bike watching too.


I haven’t watched yet, but listed to this podcast episode earlier in the year.

Whilst I enjoyed the Cavendish doc very much, Arnold took me by surprise - it was a really great mini doc-series that made me smile on more than one occasion :smiley:


Arnold is great - also highly recommend his memoir book - “Total recall” - very interesting.


Unfortunately, they decided to play off THEMOVE podcast of abusive dopers.
Hope that they did not pay for that.

I thought the Cav doc was good but not great. It got off to a good start, then lulled a bit too much for my liking in the middle, before finishing strong. Felt like the story could’ve been told in half the time, far more impactfully.

I watched some of this while making dinner last night. Seeing Mark at 8 (?) or whatever, in the intro, was fantastic. Loved hearing his kids cheer for daddy.

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Kudos to Cav for being so open about his mental struggles….the more people share, the more any stigma re: mental health is removed.

I’ve never been a huge fan, but I ended up with a new-found respect for the man.


Same here, although it wasn’t too surprising to hear him talk about purging food as it was the only thing he could control. Dark days.


I thought they did a good job of including that it’s not easy on the spouse either. I know they’re very wealthy, but I’ll bet it’s a difficult and lonely life, and then when he IS home, you’re walking on eggshells.


Great observation, pbase!


been there, done that (except the very wealthy part), and my wife hated it. Not even the same amount of travel. Even I hated it. As it was reaching a breaking point - my oldest was a year old - was offered a promotion to run a division and like Cav would say f***k that.

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Same. I would come home and my wife and I wouldn’t even know what to talk about. We’d consumed different movies, books, music, even different news (due to me always being in a different country). We started to realize it was leaving us with little in common, so I had to stop. This was before FaceTime and even cheap cellular. We had to coordinate times and use calling cards, and getting that right was an adventure in itself!

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