Marijuana Users (THC)

Why are we comparing cannabis to alcohol? They’re completely different substances and do different things.

I’d argue, on the bike, one can quantify if they ride better by looking at segments from Strava. Isn’t that what we all use Strava for?


Correct about booze and dagga. I’m also hoping that Strava will be made illegal one day.

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I am comparing the two because they are both substances which impair your abilities. I am not saying hiw they impair your abilities is similar.

Your time of a Strava segment is an indication of one thing - speed. It does not mean that you are riding safely.


Well I guess the only answer is to do a scientific study. @Nate_Pearson We’re gonna need a controlled environment, and lots of pot.


I do not like using any drugs that make me less aware and take me out of the moment or just being less present in life.


Ok. Not sure the point of posting that you choose not to use? :man_shrugging:

Your post implies a negative context toward those that choose to use for any and all reasons. Seems judgy to me for no benefit to anyone besides yourself?


Just my honest viewpoint of THC and many other recreational drugs. I am not judging anyone else. Drugs are usually used to escape reality and deal with pain so you don’t actually have to resolve
issues in your life.


“I am not judging anyone else.”

As an admitted “non drug user” posting in a thread titled “Marijuana Users (THC)” how did you think it was going to come across?

Just my .02


What a load of guff :smile:

You sound like someone who has never taken drugs and therefore has no place commenting on something you know nothing about. :roll_eyes:


With all due respect, take your antiquated and false info somewhere else. I’ve had some of my biggest accomplishments in life with weed, academically, athletically, and otherwise. Some of the most successful people in the world smoke, probably some you look up to

Do you drink coffee? Cause if so you’re using a substance that alters your mind too. Don’t come in here acting like we’re shooting meth


Because my friends can’t keep up on the trail when I smoke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Remember, attack the idea and not the person.


That is quite a judgemental viewpoint. Someone who doesn’t use drugs, that thinks that they know why other people use them, and will pop into a forum just for the virtue signalling.


Let’s move on and keep on the topic of actual use, please.


Seems to be a theme these days that you have to have first hand experience with something to have a valuable perspective. I think that’s unfortunate.

Would you only go to a heart surgeon if they’ve personally had a heart attack?

Men can’t have an opinion on the morality of abortion? (unless their on the Supreme Court, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I think this is a simple way to dismiss someone’s opinion without having to actually discuss the merits of the opinion. Thankfully, personal experience isn’t the only way to gain knowledge.

Chad - He seemed to be sharing his view politely, isn’t that why we’re all here or are we just looking for confirmation? Not sure why folks are so defensive, it’s OK to have differences of opinion.


Sharing opinions, even different ones is OK for sure.

  • I like red, you like black.

The first post went beyond stating “I don’t use pot”, and included a “because” that could be taken in a negative way towards those on the other side of opinion (it was by me and others). What bothers several of us is the implied negativity towards those on the other side.

  • I like red, because black leads to issues.

The second post went further and more directly confirmed what some of us inferred from the first. It contained speculation as to motive and use that is overly broad and prejudicial of users.

  • I’m not judging, but I like red because black is used for the wrong reasons.

If that view is useful, shall I pop into the many alcohol related threads and share my lack of use, along with the reasons I think my choice is better than others? I see no point in posts like that because it does nothing to help those in that setting.


That is a brutal analogy. A heart surgeon has basically spent his adult life studying the heart and understanding how it works. Popping in to a forum topic regarding THC to stereotype people while virtue signalling how great he is because he doesn’t use it lacks tact.


Thank you.

Oh I’m just getting started, brutal analogies are my super power!

I sure hope we don’t eliminate all judgement and virtue signaling from the internet, all we’ll have left is porn and shopping!