Manually adjusting training plan and adaptive training (e.g. 9-day training week)

How AT likes if I’d like to do bigger manual modifications to the training plan? I would keep all workouts, just changing their place & maybe adding something (like recovery or Z2 rides).

I’m into triathlon and the overall training load (together with life stress) tends to grow quite high even with low-volume plans (at least for me). As I’m not getting any younger (43 y), I also feel that the recovery needs may be growing. This leads to a need to manually adjust the plan every now and then (e.g. skipping workouts, adding recovery via annotations).

Can someone tell, how AT sees if I would e.g.

  1. Manually add recovery week in between a plan (e.g. SSB or whatever) - just via pushing the plan to make a way for a recovery week?
  2. Manually adjusting the whole plan to ~follow 9-day training week (obviously prolonging the total duration of the plan)? This would make it possible to likely add e.g. one Z2 ride to the “week”.
  3. Is it so that adding workout through “train now” would be understood by AT (e.g. in the 9-day training week scenario).

Would I still get the benefits of AT (which I very much like) or would I just screw AT’s head?

I tried to find answers from the forum & TR blog, but couldn’t find clear answers.