Mallorca312 2023

i think i’ll get there an hr before and push my way as close to the front as i can. I can hopefully find a group that is willing to do some work. As soon as we begin rolling, i should move up fairly quickly until the first climb.

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Don’t you have to go cross the start line in order to get a time?

Also staying in Alcudia and having done the 167 twice and experienced the waiting and freezing. Avoiding that would be great (plus much easier to get to the first cut off in time. Thats why I did the 167 twice because I missed the first cut off by 2!!! minutes…)

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You’ll get a time but it’ll be inaccurate. I’m assuming they just take your time from the last to cross the start line or something. But I don’t really care about the chip time, I’ve got a Garmin. It’s just a Sportive and a fun day out with lots of like minded folks. If I want a race I’ll enter a crit or proper road race. Sleeping in and hopping into the race feeling warm and rested is great. And with an empty bladder too! Wouldn’t do this for my first one of course. Each to their own.


Thats a good time :clap: The year I done it I was 12:40 moving (13:30 elapsed). My slight excuse was I through up dinner, then breakfast. I was going not bad though until the sun came out which made the dehyrated last 50 miles a right slog (I was only saved by a farmers oranges somewhere near Arta). I initially thought it was nerves or sunstroke but on hindsight it was probably my bowel/colon cancer.

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Whilst it did drizzle on the start line, I really enjoyed lining up and just chatting with other riders. Yes, I’m that weird person who’ll talk to anyone :laughing:

The build up to the start was actually quite enjoyable. We had drummers, fire and fireworks, devils etc, etc… It created a really good atmosphere. Appreciate this isn’t for everyone.

How it started.

How it finished, with my crank arm on the table :laughing:


Hi. May have been covered already but don’t believe that the second half is flat. A lot of people go hard first half thinking this. Go well within yourself to enjoy second half. Let everyone go on the first climb. Helps if you have a power meter and stick to your numbers. It’s brilliant by the way. M


It changed since I done it but after the mountains to Andrax (around 80miles) it was relatively flat but by no means absolutely flat undulating with some punch drags is probably a better description. Whether the barometer was corrupt my garmin said there was 4-5000ft more climbing than the Marmotte (in circa 65miles more though).

I think the newer route turns earlier to the Manacor area rather than going out and back on the same Alcudia road. It looks flat in the profile but the mountains mistrue the elevation chart, its actually quite a drag to the Manacor area and quite punchy to Arta. Fortunately the last 15 miles or so back to Alcudia are finally flat/ downhill :joy:

Given my experience in 2018 I’d say this a spot on review. Like all big sportives, the start is full of risk takers putting themselves and others at risk - take your time, the groups soon spread out and as soon as the climbing starts everything calms down.
Once you reach Andratx and start the return the roads are quite narrow and it can get very hot - I can’t remember where the feed stops were round there but take care if sunny.
If riding the full 312, as others have said, the loop out to Arta is a slog - some of the roads were quite bad and it’s not as flat as you might think. The last 100km has about 1200m of elevation gain.


How did folks get on?

I failed to find an entry in the island despite pleading at the expo and touring a few bike shops. Oh well!

I still had a great week on the island and hit all the popular climbs. I did the 165 route solo a couple of days after the event. What a route! (Better with a proper lunch stop too and a beer :joy:)


Sound like there were a lot of feeds too issues this year caused by non riders nipping in and grabbing food meaning they ran out for later arrivers. Not sure how true that is, if they just didn’t order enough or it’s a convenient reason to enforce riding in the event jersey next year.
The weather this year the week before and after event were perfect for riding, had a fantastic week.

That sounds like made up BS to me :rofl: It’s far too convenient an excuse. Weather was perfect wasn’t it? Such great riding.