Maintaining Fitness during the Off-Season

A little more than 3 weeks away from my A-race this year, the Alpenbrevet. After this race I will basically be “off-season” before I start s structured plan in December/January depending on my main goal for 2020 (not yet decided). I’ve done it this way for the last years and it keeps me motivated for completing a full cycle of TR-plans. My main problem is that I basically “start from scratch” every season and end up with the same level of fitness at my peak race each year. It seems a bit wasteful, and next year I was hoping to pick it up a notch.

Some facts to bring along:

W/kg: 4-4,2 when at top shape

I commute all year around. 40-50 minutes moderate pace times 2 each day.

I use TR plans outside from May until my end of season. Low Volume combined my commute and the odd endurance ride.

I am “time crunched” and don’t race that much, nor do I belong to a club.

“Off season” I ride my trail bike for fun, implementing some Strava segments and “fartlek”. I also run some, both on trails and as part of my commute.

What would be your best advice to keep as much fitness as possible during my 3-4 months off structured training?

Not tempted by the Maintenance, or Time-Crunched plans?

Could do them ad-hoc, as and when you get time.

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I haven’t really looked at those before. Thanks for the tip.

I’m not planning on using the trainer during this period. Maybe, if the weather is too lousy and I don’t fancy a MTB ride or a trail run…

But the plans got me thinking that I could just simply make my home commute more a training ride; implementing intervals based the two plans you suggested. I don’t have a power meter on my commuter, but will do them on RPE. I even I one of my “training hills” on the way home.

Might sweat like pig when picking up the kids, but that’s what you get when dad’s a cyclist :sweat_smile:

Yeah! I’m sure fartlek-style workouts on a bike would be good to keep the heart-rate up

get in the gym and lift some weights too!

I’d say loosely follow SSB 1 & 2 low volume. Don’t worry if you don’t get the training right for the day, but at least it gives you a guide.