Maintain fitness tips

Hi! I’ve been structured training for 3 years and was able to reach 4 w/kg FTP (from nothing) and I do 500-650 tss/week, but I also study and work, so I don’t have too much more free time. I got “bored” now, I don’t want to keep with this and I would like more time to enjoy other hobbies, but I don’t want to loose too much (or none) fitness because I still want to enjoy outside rides (100-150km) and mtb with out suffering. I wouldn’t mind do some indoor training or intervals but not that much as I do now.

Can a low volume maintenance plan achieve this? Or maybe some high intensity intervals + outside fondo + mtb fun? Any ideas?


Jesse Coyle has a nice video on cycling fitness: Maintaining Cycling Fitness is Easy - YouTube

My take-aways:

  • reduce volume, but keep intensity
  • volume can be reduced 30-50%
  • spread workouts evenly over the week
  • example 3.5H week:
    • TUE: 6x5m @ 100% = 90 mins
    • FRI: 9x30s MAX = 120 mins
  • no need for progressing, you’re maintaining. so it’s okay to just do same workout week after week.
  • no idea how long this will work though. I reckon it’s in the order of weeks, not months.

TR has number of maintenance plans.

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