Magnesium supplements to improve muscle recovery?

In the summer I completed the BC Bike Race, a 7-day mountain bike stage race. After one of the stages I was getting a post-race massage when I got a sudden and intense cramp in one of my hamstrings. I don’t often have cramping issues on the bike, but post-race they’re quite common for me. When it happened, the massage therapist recommended that I head over to the medical tent and ask for a spoonful of magnesium. She said it helps the muscles to repair themselves which is obviously a key part of any stage race.

Since the race, I’ve been looking for more information and science to back up what she told me. I often come across people saying they use magnesium supplements to prevent cramping on the bike, but I haven’t found anything that supports the muscle repair theory. If she’s right, then magnesium supplements would be a good idea to take during a stage race even if you’re not suffering from cramping of any kind.

Have you come across any science to back this up?

I’ve been taking the Pure Vitamin Club broad spectrum mag for about 9 months now. I’ve had less cramping problems but I’ve also been a lot more liberal with electrolytes across the board.

I think the big get with magnesium is when you take it before bed because it really helps with sleep.

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I have been taking ZMA for years…supposed to help you sleep better too.

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