Macro nutrient intake %

Any informed advice for fueling please? Additionally I’m aiming for a modest weight loss of .5lb a week.

Thanks in advance

There is a thread one weightloss and I posted this a while back: Your personal best way to lose some fat - anecdotes / experiences / examples of what kicked your *** - #271 by Dubadai

Might be relevant for your question :slight_smile:

But either way, for a sport like cycling, carbs and protein are to prefer. You will naturally get some fats in, but try to keep these to natural fats, such as olive oil, avocado etc.

I eat a high af carb diet, lots of protein, and very little fat, and it keep my weight the same. Losing weight is the hard part and requires some measuring to make sure you’re still getting in the right nutrients.

Easy question to get you started, how much are you training now and are you eating to fuel that, or are you having cake and candy, soda etc. also? If so, start by cutting that out and see what happens :slight_smile:

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Here’s Alan Couzens on the topic:
It’s an old post, can’t speak for its validity but AC is a well regarded resource in general. He’s coming at this with a long course triathlon lens.

Renaissance Periodization have lots of good resources too like the eBook Renaissance Periodization | The RP Diet For Endurance - EBOOK and some free blogs. Alex Harrison posts lots on here too.

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