Lumberjack 100 Course Info

Hi all, wondering if anybody has done the Lumberjack 100. I just registered for the 2022 race. Have done several 100+ rides/races before, but curious about how technical the course is. Have heard some mixed info here. True single track? Fire roads? I’ve done quite a bit of riding in Michigan…are we talking technical like Highland/Pontiac Lake, or are we talking more flow? Many thanks for any info.

I got in as well and curious about the course having never ridden in Michigan. I did see it is 3 x 33 mile laps with an aid station at the start/finish and halfway point.

Also, info on where to stay would be cool to hear. My wife might go so need to find somewhere she doesn’t mind hanging out while I’m racing lol.

The course is right in the middle of the Manistee National Forest. It’s not very close to anything like a sizable town. That area of Michigan is rugged.

You’ll want to stay near the big lake, in my opinion. I would stay in Ludington - I think that’s about an hour away.

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I’ve done this event twice as well as race the XC race on the same course. Not technical at all but mostly single track and very little fire Road. I know this awesome dude that recorded most of it last year. Aside from the rain, and going in the opposite direction, here is the video from last year.

This year will be clockwise and will look like this:


I recommend staying in Cadillac, as it has some decent restaurants. It’s about 30 minutes from the starting line


Awesome, thanks guys!

Agree with MI-XC. Not technical trail system at all, pretty smooth singletrack. I’ve never raced LJ 100, but have rode that trail system and most of the LJ course. It’s mostly singletrack and not much 2- track/fire road.

Depending on where you’re coming from, could either stay in Cadillac or Manistee/Ludington area. May be some small mom & pop type hotels or Air BNB’s in the Big M area, but there’s really not much around there.

Pretty smooth singletrack, some roots, some sand depending on how dry it is. There is a bit of gravel double track on the course as well. Cross country ski trail types of climbs, so mostly straight up and straight down ridgelines and such. No tech to speak of.

Another thing I’ll add, unlike almost all other MTB 100s, there is no hike-a-bike sections for Lumberjack (unless it rains). The only time you need to put a foot down is to refuel each lap which should take you about 2:30-3:30 hours per depending on your fitness.