Iceman registration is open

It’s open. Registration for the 2019 Iceman. @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan @chad . Come and ride with us in Northern Michigan this year.

Team Clif Bar at Iceman


Registered today! Will be my first one ever . . .



You’ll have a blast. It’s an experience. The race and then watching the pro’s come in later that day. All with a huge party in the middle of course.

What’s the hook for this race besides it being cold and what seems to be a good sized crowd?

I see Iceman referenced a lot by the Midwest folks but I have a hard time understanding what the draw is (speaking as someone who grew up in the midwest)

You pretty much nailed it describing the draw. Except for the cold part. That’s just a byproduct of the date. Some years you get 60 and sunny and some years you get cold and snowy.

It’s a great end of year race. You’ll get people that will finish it in 5 hours and pros that will finish at about 1:30.

Ends up being a great party after the morning waves come in waiting for the pro’s.

As far as races go. There are definitely “harder” races. Although you can make it as hard as you want.

It’s just an experience.

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wow, 5000+ register for Iceman

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It’s a fast and fun course, except when it is a mud slog like in 2014. Great race vibe and it is just one of those races that has developed its own experience. If you have race fitness in November then Traverse City is a great place to test it against lots of fast riders. If you place in this race, you earned it (see the doping thread for exceptions - Doping, Your Thoughts Experiences Opinions - #79 by batwood14)

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