Lower than expected TSS/volume in late phases of HV TR plan?

A few years ago, I was coached and was a race away from Cat2. Last few years ive been off and on the bike. Ive picked up TR and have built a hogh volume plan through to new automated tool.

Base volume looks about what i was used to. Build looks lower volume but reasonable tss. But specialty phase, that seems low TSS to me. The sprint workouts on TR are about half of the sprinting I used to do, for example.

The plan has me peaking with about 65 CTL. My previous plans from what I remember had me racing and peaking around 80/85.

Just wondering if anyone had similar experience or advice. The high stress/volume of my old plans may explain why I quit in the first place, so I’m willing to roll with whats been laid out, but I know im going to want to ride more than prescribed when it gets nice out.

I just chatted with Coach Chad about this and he decreased the CTL in Specialty Phase considerably to allow for a greater reduction in volume resulting in more race readiness.

Additionally, the intensity of the Specialty workouts don’t necessarily get due credit via TSS - the composition is very demanding and just looking at TSS might not fairly portray that.

Happy training!

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