Low Volume - Extra Tempo and Weekend Endurance ride


Just finished SSB1 and onto SSB2 with a good FTP gain ( new gains or I got better at testing who knows).
Im pretty sure an extra weekend club ride at endurance is fine and even encouraged.

Now we are all locked down still, Im riding with my friends on zwift. Being disciplined I just do TR workout with Zwift turned on so Im with them for about the first 3km lol

I was thinking about changing my TR days and riding with them normally on Zwift. They ride at threshold for my current level so wondering if I could get away with this or best to ride with them later in the year when my fitness has caught up


Get your friends to use the meet-up feature on Zwift and make sure the ‘stick together’ box is checked. By doing that you won’t need to ride flat-out to keep up.


I also do Low Volume on TR, but I do an extra EASY ride on Wednesdays for 1.5-2 hrs, and a tempo ride on Sundays for 2-4 hours, sometimes more. My advice, having done just 2 base phases @ MV, and 4 build phases @ LV is not to do any extra rides that are going to put more fatigue in your legs than you are going to be able to recover from. In my opinion, it is most important that your Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday workouts are quality.

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What @Dave said.

Or if you want to make that zwift ride at threshold just make sure it’s one of your hard workouts. So substitute for a TR workout. Don’t make the zwift ride/race an addition to what you’re already doing

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This is the most important thing.

It’s a bit of trial and error to find out how much extra riding you can add. Take it slow and don’t load yourself up too quickly is my advice.
LV plans can quickly load up the fatigue when you add in extra rides.

Have fun.


You could try compressing the LV plan to free up the weekends. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday TR workouts. Free time on the weekends then a rest day on Monday before getting back to it.

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Awesome thanks, is that because they jack up the IF to make up for less volume?

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Great feature didnt even know!

Cool thanks ill see what I can handle

It’s jacked up just a tiny bit but not really. The Mid Volume plan basically just adds what I already do on Wednesdays and the Sunday ride is usually sweet spot, but I’d rather reserve Sunday for a mtb ride or a tempo ride with my brother. Got to keep it fun!

Pretty much. 3 days of hard work and 4 days to recover (if you really need it).
I don’t want to be restricted in my weekend rides of late. LV compressed into the week and doing whatever I want on the weekend is a good balance for me ATM.