Low profile Look allen key

So after doing internet searching to no avail, I figured I’d ask you good people. I use a spin bike at work with my assioma pedals quite a bit for training, so I have to take my pedals on and off quite a bit. One of the crank arms on the bike is fine, but the other has very limited clearance between the back of the arm and the body of the bike. I’m slowly stripping the right pedal, because I can’t quite get my standard allen key in there so I’m always at an angle… :frowning:.

Does anyone have experience with any Look keys that work for this kind of situation? I’m thinking that it’s much better to spend a little $ for a new key than stripping a $300 pedal :roll_eyes:


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Yeah thanks! Low profile was the term I needed to use.

Can be used for parties,Halloween,costume party. :joy:

That must be some costume!


haha yeah. Not the kind of party I want to go to.

Alternatively, you could just cut a bit off?