Low glycogen adaptation study

I was just reading a study about low muscle glycogen training, using twice a day vs once a day with low night.
A first long session to lower glycogen, followed by the HIIT session 2h later appears to be much more efficient than a “fasted” night.
Would anybody know about a study which compares a long slow ride followed by HIIT, fasted vs fueled ?

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A presentation on low glycogen vs high. Winner for mitochondrial adaptation seems to be low glycogen, even if it means doing SIT at lower intensities.

Interesting presentation. Nevertheless we have @empiricalcycling Kolie Moore here in another thread with this:

@empiricalcycling Any thoughts on the presentation above “IS-PM05 - High-carbohydrate or high-fat diets for optimizing training adaptation and performance?”?

My gut feeling says that it was all discussed somewhere in this forum already and here we circle again…

Interesting study. The twice a day group had a whole day for recovery between each work day, while the every day group worked out every day. The authors noted that none seemed over trained, but from experience, having a proper rest day is pretty important. Can’t say I came away from this convinced that glycogen depleted training is the way to go.