Alternative to fasted/low training

I have already said this in a different thread, I’m not a big fan of fasted or low glycogen training. However, as it seems there are other ways to increase fat ox when riding after breakfast.

Early this year I saw this study, noted it but did not really grasp its relevance (for me). Untrained subjects, 12h fasted before trials.

However, I just came across this (google translate does a pretty good job):

Now this really applies to me. Not a study but very consistent with what the JSS paper showed. Interesting.

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I think this could very well be a case where RER =! RQ.

and just linking this here, sort of related:

and this how I implemented this LIT-optimisation.

Not sold on the priming paper though. Looks as if the effect on PGCalpha was just additive.

That’s something I can get used to:

Seems to be a more sustainable approach than fasted training.

Interesting topic, thanks. I am usually limited to 2hrs per weekday, and am also not keen on low carb, so some of these spicing efforts are useful.

Btw, did you have any success with the priming paper method (4-6ish times 30sec hard)? That is not very different from the olbrecht suggestion, though for him it was a vo2max protocol. I myself have had moderate results with those. Gotta try continuous efforts around 5mins, too.

Haven’t really used the priming sessions. I did more of these KP sprint type sessions. However, I would not know how to measure success.

I noticed power / HR ratio in LIT increase quicker and RPE fall after starting to use the priming. But then again that was about the only intensity I did then.

I’ve been wondering about supplementation for zone 2 miles. Green tea or green tea extract often comes up when searching mitochondria biogenesis. PQQ also comes up in searches.