Low cost training nutrition, recipes?

I stumbled across this on the Torq website about the benefits of 2:1 glucose (maltodextrin) /fructose intake. Thought I’d share - torqfitness.co.uk/news/maltodextrinfructose

It refers to a number of studies (I’m not personally going to be tracking them all down) for those who like to do further reading. Something new to me was the statement that a 90g serving would be needed to gain benefits over just maltodextrin alone. I thought the benefit was that the 2 sugars could be absorbed simultaneously (I suppose maltodextrin is absorbed pretty quickly anyway), but Torq say 60g will saturate the intenstine’s glucose transporters, so the benefit of taking in fructose comes at that moment. In other words, if you only use 60g of carbs in your drink (what I’d been doing for a few weeks), don’t bother with fructose. Maybe I missed the memo and apologies if so, but I don’t remember seeing this discussed - explains Beta Fuel coming in 88g sachets too.

“It is important to point out that in order to experience the benefits of using multiple transportable carbohydrates over that of a single form of carbohydrate you need to saturate the transporters in the intestine that absorb the carbohydrate as comprehensively as possible, so to experience the benefits, an intake of 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour is recommended. Taking on board only 60 grams per hour will supply a good level of carbohydrate to the blood with an extremely low chance of any gastrointestinal discomfort, but the higher does are where the true benefits of maltodextrin:fructose lie over single carbohydrate forms.”

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Banana ftw!

Following Scott Jurek potatoes are a bargain :wink:

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Bulkpowders 2:1 is great for me

Do you have a link?

Yep. If you’re sticking to 60g malto alone is probably the safest bet. People have varying levels pf fructose absorption capabilities and it sees like now the evidence is between 30-70g/hour but if it isnt take up it can ferment in the small intestine by bacteria and cause GI issues. If up to 90g total just be careful to observe how you react especially over multiple hours of dosing at this rate

If I have a 1:30 or 2:00 workout I usually do 750ml of Malto:Fructose + electrolytes and a 2nd bottle at half strength or just water/cordial, just cos it seems like a lot of sugar with 2 full bottles. I’ve had some pretty mild GI trouble, but I mainly put it down to the amount of food I’m eating to maintain weight, specifically oatbran, which is high in fibre :wink:

Generally for 2 hours or less your onboard glycogen stores should be sufficient along with 60g or so of carbs or less per hour. So unless you are training your gut to be able to achieve that level of absorption I would be conservative on the sugar uptake. You can also take spme right at the beginning to start the process to spread it out a bit more.

Yes, I often start sipping on a bottle before I even get on the trainer. I figure any excess will go towards glycogen replenishment (I could be wrong). My recovery drink (SIS Rego) is only 2:1 carb to protein, so probably lacking on carbs a little. Does that sound reasonable, or still excessive?

Honeyville.com usually has 50lbs of maltodextrin for ~$50-$60. That’s about 90,000 calories or $0.0005 per calorie and I’ve yet to find a cheaper set of easily digestible carbs. You just mix it with some for flavoring and you can make your own drink mix and gels for almost nothing.


how are you making gels with maltodextrin?

I mix maltodextrin, agave nectar, salt/light salt, flavoring, and water in a blender and then use a flask to take it on my rides. I usually make 25-50 servings at a time and have stored them in the fridge for several months without issue.

The agave nectar provides fructose so you can use both energy pathways (maltodextrin is comprised of glucose molecules), the recommendations for the ratio of the calories from the two vary from 3:1 to 1:1. The salt and light salt combo (3:2 ratio) provides both sodium and potassium electrolytes. The water and flavoring you will want to tweak for your preferences but I’d target ~1.5oz of water per serving of maltodextrin (50g).

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Where do you get those prices? All the gels I find are 2-3$ each and scratch is one of the priciest powders

24 gels for $20.

And as for scratch I just buy it at Target and it’s less than $1 per serving.

what’s better here Maltodextrin or a combo of Dextrose/maltodextrin to mix with fructose?

They’re both fast-absorbed sugars.

Dextrose is just taken up slightly faster, and is slightly sweet.

Maltodextrin is a more complex carb. In my mind at least, this means Maltodextrin will supply the energy at a steadier rate over time (although fairly fast). It’s virtually flavourless.

IMO they’re almost interchangeable, although in theory a 50:50 could give you some small benefit. I’d just buy whichever is cheapest, which is usually straight up malto for me at Bulk Powders.

Thanks, I use Bulk Powders too and see a 50/50 mix. Think I’ll go with that. Thanks for your help!

Quick tip as I ordered today. It says code TIER1 (30%) applies to all the items I bought, but I managed to use code TIER3 and get 40% off :slight_smile:

Where did you order?

What are you using for salt?

I ended up getting mine off Amazon (different brands). No salt in the gel mixture as I use the mix on the trainer.

Bulk Powders. I add their electrolyte powder to my home brew as it has other vitamins than just sodium - https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/electrolyte-powder.html.

For second bottles, I usually just have water with 1 x SIS cola flavour electrolyte/caffeine tablet per 500ml.

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