Low cost training nutrition, recipes?

can’t believe I’ve never done this before - a third of the cost of my normal brand

I make a mix of powdered sugar, salt, cornstarch, which can then have different flavors.

  1. Espresso, molasses
  2. Various concentrated juices
  3. Espresso Maple syrup
    All melted in the microwave.

Its approximately 1 million times cheaper than gels… with a very similar consistency

There also seems to be some research online about the benefits of cornstarch

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easiest homemade gel recipe;

Buy a bulk container of raisins.
put raisins in blender.
add water to desired consistency.
+salt, honey, lemon juice, whatever else you want.

you can buy reusable gel flasks cheap. Get a small funnel to help load them up. I keep 2-3 ready to go in the fridge.


I like to cook myself and I don’t buy into premade snacks due to extremely high sugar contents often and bad carbs in my opinion (white flour).

Also, for liquids, I don’t believe you need to add salt necessarily. I never do it. And I ride 8 hours easily.

I do, however, believe in nutrition requirements, which for me is about 35-40 grams of carbs every 30 mins after the first 1h15-1h30 of hard riding or after 4 hours of zone 2 riding.

So what I do is, I make rice cakes and I just drink lemonade instead of water. That’s it. That will help me get through anything.

May i ask what your weight us? ( Grans) body weight kg) merci

Last months since about July, 73kg (187cm long). Aiming for a little bit less… 72/72kg. Why?

I have no idea what my carb intake should be , I’ve been fueling on raisins/dates/ home made energy balls …I wanted to duplicate your carb intake/weight . It happens that I weigh 75 kg hence it should be identical

Merci again for the info

Reig Raphael

A short update for my home-made gels…
Lately I quit the cocoa, I just got palate fatigue over the time (combination of raw energy bars base on dates and cocoa maybe a factor too?), so my actual version is:

  • bananas
  • coffee (a must for me! :wink:)
  • MAPLE SYRUP!! :slight_smile:
  • Sodium mix

Actualy bananas and maple syrup shares the inherent glucose - fructose mix in them, so I find both a great source of energy + those are all natural ingredients + the combination tastes just great :heart_eyes:
P.S. I got an apparently real (hopefuly) Canadian Maple syrup - dark version, as I like the heavier taste. It is much cheaper when you buy a few litres and I have a bit more confidence in the composition. Otherwise I have a big trust issue buying maple syrup in a standard grocery store in Europe…

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I’ve found that the cheapo granola bars from Walmart/Target work well - each one has ~100 calories or so, and at something like 15 cents each they are priced way under any packaged sports nutrition product out there.