Low Cadence, Choking, Equipment Choices and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 285

When I read ‘choking’ I thought it was going to be about how not to inhale your ride nutrition or how to select low risk foods :sweat_smile:

I used to quite like snacking on peanut m &ms until I considered the consequences of inhaling one!


Heroic deep-dive on the cadence question - thanks so much guys! Have been reading a lot on this lately but there are so many differing studies // bro-science articles masquerading as studies, it massively helped to have it broken down like this.

@ColoradoJames I’ve noticed the same RPM <–> HR correlation since starting to experiment with my cadence. Going to experiment with brick workouts as Nate was suggesting - spin slower than usual on a long endurance ride, then try different cadences for the last 10-15 mins and see what happens on the run.