LOTOJA 2019 Entry

For anyone who signed up for this year, have you heard anything yet? I know they say we’ll know by the 5/8 but just wondering if anyone has seen anything yet?

I put in for an entry again this year. Gonna have another shot at the p123 race. Those with “guaranteed” entry will hear by the 8th. Everyone else will hear on the 17th. If you’re planning on a categorized group, more than likely you WILL get in.

Yeah, nothing yet but don’t worry it’s still early

Got mine entry today. 16 weeks from tomorrow!

Anyone using TR as their primary training tool?

Got mine also. Looking forward to it.

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Trainerroad always drives my training with outdoors being my primary place of training.

If you’re racing lotoja,it is less a game of best power and more of an eating game. Who can not suck the most at the pivotal moments. Pretty much the entirety of selections in the race happens over the climbs and it will come down to a reduced group sprint. That is… unless you do what our (p123) group did last year and let the winning break go 5 miles into the race…

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You see any value in taking a weekend and pre-riding all the major climbs, and most of the course?

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I pre-rode the middle hundred miles two months before my first LOTOJA and was happy that I did. I started in Preston, ID and rode to Grover, WY so that I got a full century out of the day (my first ever). My wife and kids would just drive 20-30 miles up the road and wait for me. Rolling aid station. I’m going to hit the three climbs again this summer but probably won’t bother with continuing on past Salt River. If you were going to only do one stretch I’d do Preston to Montpelier. That gets you the climb up Strawberry which is the longest and has a demoralizing false summit and it has the most technical descent. Geneva and Salt River are fairly straightforward both up and down. There’s no reason to pre-ride Logan to Preston or from Salt River to Alpine. Alpine into Jackson there some argument for pre-riding. First, it’s so scenic that I was having a hard time focusing on the road so if you pre-ride you can get your gawking out of the way. Second, if you are planning on being at the pointy end of the race there are a couple of fairly technical spots where you enter and exit a bike path and a sketchy corner right before a tunnel that could really get you into trouble 195 miles into the race. If you think you are battling for a top 10 then you may want to see those in advance. If you are running 9:30 or slower pace then it doesn’t matter.

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I’ve been pretty faithful to the TR plan from January to now and have had much better road racing results because of it this spring and got a good gravel win yesterday. However, I had my best gains in sustained power once I got outside last year and really pushed my volume up. Not sure if I can mentally do that on a trainer. I did mid-volume(MV) with some Zwift racing add-on all winter. This spring have stayed MV but my add-on has been evening group drop rides 1-2x a week. My plan is to now go LV on the trainer but a lot more outside rides. I’m a morning rider and now that sun is up earlier and my kids are out of school I can ride from 0500-0800 each morning.

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