LOTOJA start groups

What group is everyone racing for LOTOJA?

I’m in the Mens Masters 35+B. 800 series start group (6:51am start group). There’s not a single familiar name in my group.

Goal time: 8:59:00

Hey, what a small world. My buddy and I are in the same group as you. You have a far more ambitious goal time than us, as we are just hoping for a sub 10.

Good luck, and we’ll see you at the starting line. Should be GREAT weather this year.

Awesome. I’ll be riding in kit that says “Ortho Idaho” “ICE” and “Barrie’s” blue/white. Solo rider but hoping that 5-10 others are looking for (and ready for) that sub-9.

Same group. But based on your target time, I wont see you after Preston. Good luck. Looks like we have some fast guys in the group. Sub 9 should get you on the podium.

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