Lost Smart Trainer Power after last update

Did a TrainerRoad update on Tuesday. Now it will not read power from my smart trainer (CycleOps Magnus). I’ve been using it since January with no issues whatsoever. At the start of the ride it shoots up to 400-500 watts then immediately jumps up past 1800w. Then it just quits. The ride continues and all other sensors are working. I’ve tried 3 days now with no success. I also paired it to my Garmin Vector and it was showing ridiculously low readings (40 watts at all out). I did the calibration. I paired the speed sensor. Anyone else having issues since the last update?

  • What app did you use?
    • It is considered best practice to use Rouvy for calibration of the Magnus (as TR doesn’t support that function well for this trainer).

i can try rouvy…however it was working perfectly for the past six months.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact support@trainerroad.com directly for best results.

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