Zwift Hub Trainer with Garmin Vector 3s Power Reading Inaccurate (low)

Have been using TrainerRoad for a couple of months with the Zwift Hub smart trainer (ERG) and my Garmin Vector 3s pedals as the power meter source. Everything was working fine until last week my power reading was WAY down when I was on the trainer such that I couldn’t complete my structured workouts. Went outdoors with the same Garmin pedals I use on the trainer, and it was totally fine (HR stayed at upper Z2 on all 3x20 SST intervals…whereas on the trainer I hit the red zone on the fist 20min interval). So I’ve confirmed that there’s something wrong with the power reading when I’m using the trainer. So few details: 1) I’m using a pretty old PC laptop, 2) I’ve been connecting the trainer and pedals over bluetooth and HR monitor over ANT+, 3) was using the “new” power-match setting on TR, 4) always calibrate my pedals using the headset before each ride and hit “calibrate” to zero out the pedals on the TR app, 5) usually leave my Garmin 530 headset on while on the trainer - so it’s picking up the pedals but isn’t connected to the Zwift Trainer…the only change I might have made was switching to power match…I’m thinking that it might’ve been disabled before (but honestly can’t remember). Anyways, lots of winter left and need to find a way to ride indoors with consistent power reading, which should be possible since I’m using the same pedals indoors and outdoors. Any ideas of what’s wrong with my setup?

I would love to know how to deal with this issue as I’m experiencing similar issues.