Looking for some internal cable setup ideas

Trying to mind meld some problem solving. I got a brand new, custom bike. Beautiful, fully internally routed disc brakes. love it. Except the saddle-bar drop is 14cm and I already have the spacers maxed out—the builder cut the steerer tube a little too short for my preference. It’s not terrible but not ideal, so I raced it. And crashed—handlebars took the brunt of the damage. Now I’m looking for replacement parts.

The cable routing for fully internal options are pretty limited. I am looking for a 6 degree “rise” stem, or alternatively I saw the specialized aero fly bars which have a 25mm rise. Looks a little weird but I can get used to it. Thing is, I can’t tell if there is a compatible stem that will take the cables down through the steerer tube like I need to! I don’t want to shell out $500 to play the “mail it back if it doesn’t work” game.

Does anyone have, or know of, internal cable routing options that can offer at least 20mm of rise? Or an aero-internal stem that has a 6 degree positive angle? I have 170mm cranks and I’m looking to go even to 160s, but that would result in a 10mm saddle raise, ultimately meaning the saddle-bar drop is even greater.

Currently my saddle-handlebar, as measured from the top of the saddle to the hoods, is about 14cm. I have a -6deg, 110mm integrated bar-stem system right now.

Thanks for any ideas

If you want semi integrated, you could look at the deda Superbox stem with almost any drop bar.

Thanks for the recommendation. So it looks like the deda superbox can do both fully and partially integrated, being that cables tuck through a spacer into the front crown / steered tube?

When it says 82 degree angle that’s effectively -8 from horizontal right? Before accounting for bike geometry