Looking for a race radio kit

HI guys,

I need your help. I organize cycling trip in Europe and am looking for an intercom/radio system to stay in touch with our support vehicle. Have been looking for days on Google, but can’t find what system pro teams use at all. Do you know any brand or package used in the pro peloton? Have been using a bluetooth Press-To-Talk button paired with an app called Zello, worked well, but the problem is that you need to get network to make it work. Most of our trips are held in mountains terrains, with low cellphone network coverage. We would prefer something that work like a radio, up to 4-kilometer more or less. Any idea? Would be great if this is something that pros use, because would be interested to get one for each rider during the ride so they can all hear from the car, get encouraged, etc.

Thanks in advance

PS : I am based in Europe for online stores.
PS2: sorry for my English, I am French :wink:

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I have found you this https://mobile.twitter.com/JumboVismaRoad/status/691943243962040321
So it looks like Jumbo (were) using Hytera PD36x

You can usually spot a non english native European because they write in better sentences than we do.


:rofl: Sad but true.

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You’re going to very quick bump up against the real issue of price. Those types of radios aren’t cheap.

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do or what sort of range you’re looking for but something from Baofeng may work but you “need” a HAM licence to operate. These are also still pretty expensive.

If you’re just looking for a distance of a mile or two with line-of-sight then a cheap two-way is probably all you need.

Thanks. Indeed it seems that to use frequency, I may have to pay a licence. Tricky. But not sure short distance would be enough as we mostly ride in mountains, and group can split in long climbs in the Alps for example.

Motorola do good two-way radio’s, maybe a sales person could advise you what model etc to suit your needs… and I think some have a 3.5mm jack plug earpiece option.

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