Intercom for cycling with my wife

My wife bought an e-bike yesterday and we went out for a ride today. It was hard to communicated between each other. Does anyone know of any good devices to help communicate while cycling along?

Ride side by side and chat?

If you’re going to separate because of intervals or pace, use the same route and have designated points to regroup or let each other know you are going to ride hard to the next stop sign or something. If you’re staying separated the whole time, I would say you weren’t riding together at all and perhaps a different approach should be discussed entirely.


Ride side by side?

Agree where you’re going and wait for her or get her to wait for you.

What kind of communication do you need? :thinking:… Was it difficult because she was destroying you? :thinking: :rofl:

Is a problem that needs to be solved? Do you really need to be in constant radio communication?

I’m sure you already own cell phones. A bluetooth headset and voice activated handsfree calling should work in a pinch. Wind noise will be an issue if you are going fast.

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I now wonder how many of us chose cycling because the time on the bike is actually the best (and only) time to not talk to the wife :slight_smile:


She did on the hills :slight_smile: She has not ridden for 20 years and it just getting comfortable again. It is hard to ride side by side around here. She would just feel more comfortable if we could chat a bit when needed.

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In that case I’d sit just behind her and a little more out towards the middle of the road - an almost protective position. On wide roads you can easily pull up alongside if needed.

I do this with the wife and kids when we’re out. :grin:

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Or time not to talk to folk generally - the kids, partners, the know it alls on the club rides…

Cycling is a great sport that you can do without the need to chat, if you want. :grin: :+1:t2:


So many strange responses in this thread that don’t answer the OP question.

I do not have firsthand experience but would look into a product like this that may be suitable for your needs…


That looks interesting. Thank you

Hope it helps… I am more familiar with devices suited for use on moto where such systems are pretty common. Those ones all pretty much require a full moto helmet though.

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Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

From the motorcycle world, there’s cardo and sena…

Turns out sena has some cycling applications:

EDIT) Sorry, just learned how to read a full thread before answering

Thanks for all the recommendations. I am trying to encourage her to practice her bike skills. I think she is just a bit nervous at the moment. She went out today on her own and enjoyed it. It is just a confidence thing.


My wife had a road bike, and I had a MTB, and she was always dropping me on rides and complaining about not being able to ‘talk’. But she loved dropping me.

So when I got a road bike, she couldn’t keep up, I dropped her. Things changed, and she lost a lot of her zest for riding. I doubt having an intercom would have helped. She just got too competitive, and loved dropping me. Now, lately, after buying her a Di2 road bike, she will get out and ride, and we (I) play ‘fox and hound’ where I let her drop me, and then I can ride hard to ‘catch her’, pass her, and she zooms past and gets the old feeling of dropping me. It’s not perfect, but seems to work. She’d riding again.

But talking in those situations would be imperfect, but cell phones, and yelling?

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These are supposed to work very well. Great noise cancellation technology used in the Motorcycle helmets. If they come out with a MIPS version we will get them for sure…


We didn’t buy anything in the end. She is getting more confident going out on her own. I think she prefers being out on her own :grinning:. Like @robcow she loves dropping me on the hills. She has been out 5-6 times a week.


That sounds awesome. My wife does kinda tease me about dropping me, which is nice. It’s funny how it’s woken a competitive beast in her. I just (tried) to show her how to handle the common issues, like flats, and jumped chains. So far, it’s been a dog that spooked her. Water bottles, and yelling, and the sudden flash of speed are about all that can be done in those cases, sadly.

But good for her, and good for mine too. She can drop me any day as long as she’s out riding. It’s too easy to let gravity capture our butts.

On the intercom idea. We went on vaca in the Caribbean and she was adamant that we have walkie talkies for that trip, ‘in case we get separated’. We never used them. She decided that it was too much of a hassle dealing with charging, and carrying them. Looking at the ‘team radios’ available on Amazon, and other sites, they sound nice, but ear pieces and charging, and headsets and… And then range too, and it kinda removes a lot of the fun of riding. As it is, I have to make sure all my toys are charged up, and that’s enough of a struggle because now everything seems to want to use its own cable connector… You should be glad she’s dropped that, IMO… To me, an iPhone, and AirPods could be so much better…

Funnily enough she has a new disrespect for car drivers as well :grinning:. It was completely different when I would be driving behind cyclist and wait to pass. Now she wishes others would do the same when she is out there.

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